A Rant About the Oklahoma Teacher Dilemma

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Basically, it is this. If you are a teacher fresh out of college you could elect to work in Bartlesville, OK or Fort Smith, AR, two comparable school districts in size. If you took a job at Fort Smith, your first year you would be seeing $7,000 more a year. If you wanted a bigger city, you could look at Tulsa, Ok and Fort Worth, TX. To work in Texas, you would be making $20,000 more a year. I was offered the Bartlesville position at the same time as a position in Green Forest, Arkansas, comparable to Pocola´s size. It was a $10,000 a year difference. We ultimately stayed in Oklahoma to be closer to our families (I find it super unreasonable that I had to weigh the cost of watching my nieces and nephews grow up against $10,000).
None of this is me trying to argue with anyone. That being said, many of my incredible teachers growing up taught for 30, 40 + years, and I feel like they deserved more than what a brand new teacher was making in Texas. I´m going to finish my master´s degree this winter and I will only be looking at a $1000 a year raise. I find that beyond bonkers and unfair. It pisses me off that the high school graduate managing the Quick Trip down the road from my house is making more than I am, a college graduate who puts in 45+ hours a week.

All of this information can be found by googling the name of the school district you are curious about and the phrase ¨salary schedule.¨


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