Get inside my head

Delaney grew up in a small town that only in the last decade has gotten its second stoplight. Now she has hit the big time and lives in a town that has more than one grocery store.

Educated at Northeastern State University in English Education and Art, Delaney spends her days teaching middle schoolers how to write and “talk good” and creating meaningless beautiful things.

She likes to drink more than her healthy dosage of coffee each day, compulsively recycles, and always chooses the cruelty free option. She devours books on the paranormal and hopes that the 100 year-old-school she works in is really haunted.


She married her college sweetheart and acknowledges that fact is grossly adorable. She has pet dogs, rats, and one really grumpy leopard gecko. She is pretty sure the gecko hates her guts.


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