Recommended Reading

I have  never been good at just reading one book at a time. I’ve been known to cycle back and forth between more than a few books at once.

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Reading Right Meow

Embarrassingly enough, I am rereading this entire series and becoming less embarrassed about it as I read. I wrote an article recently for the Talko, 17 Behinds the Scenes Secrets from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and let me tell you, the nostalgia is real.

Furthermore, Ann Brashares does an amazing job of telling the story of young women that actually feels real and authentic. Forget being obsessed with just boys; these woman are experiencing life. If you didn’t read it as a young adult or have forgotten the story, pick it up and give it a go. And absolutely make sure this book makes it into the hands of any teenage girls in your life.


I broke my rule about seeing the book before the movie… I got about a third of the way into this book and then decided that I would watch the one free episode of this on SlingTV. I was hooked and 6 seasons purchased and watched later I still haven’t finished reading it completely… ooops.

The issue here isn’t that I am not thoroughly enjoying this book. George R.R. Martin is a master storyteller. Between work, grad school, blogging, and taking care of the 9 animals that live in this house, when I feel the urge to read (for the 5 minutes I have available) I just grab whatever book is nearby. Which is probably why I’m reading 468  books right now.

I didn’t actually catch it until I was over halfway done with the book, but the name is a references to the famous Pride and Prejudice quote. One of the protagonists is a mentally disabled young woman who fixates on the movie. The basic premise is that three high schoolers are dealing with the aftermath of a tragedy that could have easily been prevented. It was a 2016-2017 Sequoya Book award nominee.


I’m reading it because it’s a classic. Also because I definitely kept my mouth shut during my English Literature class in college and pretended I had read it. If I read it now, it’s like that charade never happened, right?




This is embarrassing as a middle school English teacher, but I didn’t actually know that Island of the Blue Dolphins had a sequel. Oddly enough I found this book in the math class on the bookshelf she keeps for early finishers. So far, I’m not mad at it.






Before the angry comments start coming in, I know Lena Dunham has been historically quite problematic. However, I am a sucker for personal essay books. I wish I were a touch more interesting so I could write my own one day, but I digress. I recommend this to millennials and those woman who are trudging through their quarter life crisis. I actually could give you a long list of books that I recommend for that.



It is not a secret that I am quite passionate about the paranormal. I particularly like this book because it doesn’t just tell you about monsterlore, but it gives you science and history along each entry. It’s also very thorough. If you want to know about American monsters in folklore, this is the book for you. If you want something to read late… I might skip this one. The other night I spent 10 minutes convincing my husband to take the dogs out b

ecause I had been reading this book.

Recently Read (and You Should Too)

Okay. Okay. Strictly speaking, I read this book every spring because I teach it. BUT SERIOUSLY! This is a book you should read if you are a human being.

It brings up tough topics like empathy, compassion, consequences, blame, and doing the right thing. I doubly recommend it if you are a teacher looking for a book that teaches your kids just a little bit more than plot and characterization.





See above. If you haven’t read this yet, you should. If you haven’t read this in 10 years like me, you should read it again. You should finish the book and then place it carefully into the hands of any teenage girl you love… but you might want to wipe the tears off your face before you do so.